3 Reasons Why PR is Everything in Brand Management

Today's post on Ragan's PR Daily by Bryan Haviland (Frazier Heiby PR) answers a very important question that some organizations and business owners never ask.  

Frankly, this article has validated what I have been wanting to say - for so long - to some (if not all) of my beloved clients "in crime":  allow your PR consultant to be involved in your company's marketing and branding strategy. Give them freedom to generate or, at least, guide your company's content. Trust your PR guy/lady just a little more, and you will be surprised at the end results.


"Boards of directors, top-level executives and brand managers, take heed: If you don't yet have a PR counselor in a position of power within your organization, you're playing Russian roulette with your brand's reputation.


PR can no longer be relegated to traditional media relations. It has never been just that. Now more than ever before, organizations are realizing that successful consumer experience depends on deploying PR to create, manage and refresh their ever-present online brands. Here are three reasons why:  KEEP READING.