Philly Game Developers Biking Across America

Three Philadelphia-based game makers and a dancer - decided to leave their comparatively comfortable lives behind and undertake multi-state bike tour. Each has an important personal reason to do it. Each is looking forward to a life-changing experience.  

They gave this journey a title: "Nerds Across America". Their motto for the trip: "No time limits. No regrets."


This film is documenting the morning of their departure from Philadelphia, October 2, 2014.



OCTOBER 2014:  The "Nerds" explore North Carolina. They managed to finish the Coin Crypt game on the road and it is set to be released on October 28th on Steam.


NOVEMBER 2014:  Three out of four "Nerds" turn back to go back home to Philadelphia - business needs. Greg Lobanov is the last Nerd standing and continues his trip solo, down the South US Border.


DECEMBER 2014 - JANUARY 2015:  Lobanov continues his trip, pretty much on schedule (according to the map pictured above), with frequent stops at friends' old and new. He celebrates the New Year with his high school classmate and his family in Texas.


JANUARY 2015:  Greg reaches Arizona and visits and reconnects with his Russian uncle Victor and his family in Tuscon.  Last time they saw each other was when Greg was about 9.


FEBRUARY 2015:  Greg's bike is stolen, along with his computer where his new game CoinCrypt is stored. The game was scheduled to be presented at the annual Game Developers Conference  in San Francisco. This happens just before Greg was ready to cross the San Francisco bridge! What does he do?  He gets a ride from the cops (who came to report on the theft) to the local WalMart and buys a cheap bike, just capable to take him over the bridge. Greg then calls his friends in Philadelphia who are packing to come to SF, and arranges for them to bring his old PC where the game is backed up on iCloud.


MARCH 2015: Greg is a Keynote speaker at GDC, and gives a speedy 5-minute inspirational talk about the bike across America and how it transformed his vision, both personal and professional. Here is the video of this historical speech:


APRIL 2015:  Greg is back in Philadelphia. A big party is organized at Cipher Prime's space to celebrate the Nerds. Guests line up to cut out a piece of Greg's long beard. Nobody in Philadelphia had seen Greg with a beard before this. All four nerds get interviewed on camera about their bike trip experience, their expectations vs. reality of the journey. This video is currently in production. Once posted - it will be featured on this site.



Most recent interview with JoyStiq Cipher Prime Dumb & Fat Games Coin Crypt game (early access on STEAM):