Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise!

So far, the year 2013 has been turning into a year of Eric Whitacre for me. Big Time.  

In March, I was fortunate to do an interview with Eric ahead of his appearance at Philadelphia's Kimmel Center with The Eric Whitacre Singers.  And in June, I took part in his epic project "Virtual Choir 4:  Fly to Paradise".


The  Virtual Choir idea grew out of a single fan video a few years back and since then has inspired four global choir video performances, each project bigger than the previous one, virtually connecting thousands of people who come together in one song.  This technology has only become available in the 21st century,  and it is simply amazing how it manifests the power of voices united in a beautiful music making.


VC-4 was truly a highly moving and fantastic experience for me as a human being, as a chorus singer, and as an arts marketing professional.


When I watched the final video - I realized that we all have just become members of The Biggest Chorus on Planet Earth!  WOW, I am out of words to express the feeling of this overwhelming joy.



The VC-4 stats are incredible:

8,409 Videos

5,905 Singers, ages 6-98

101 Countries


For future updates about the Virtual Choir, join the Eric Whitacre Community at