Interview with Philadelphia composer Allen Krantz

This interview was done for Lyric Fest's upcoming program "Old City ~ New Song" where Allen Krantz's new song On the Road will be premiered.


Read the full interview here.


Allen's final words were my favorite part of our conversation:


"The history of cinema is relatively young and you can study a film and gain some insights into the studio system of the 30-40’s. In a funny way, this studio system was similar to what the court system was in the Mozart-Haydn era. The studio directors had to deal with studio politics similar to the ways Mozart had to deal with the court system. There were all these rules and they had to find the way to do what they wanted to do within the confines of the stetting. This, to me, is similar to how composers had to play the game and still manage to do what they wanted to do.


Sometimes the tensions between creative freedom and restricting rules produce tremendous results. We complain about the limitations, but in the end they can be your best friend because you are forced to find your own creative response."