Moscow Virtuoso Pianist Daniel Kramer Debuts in the U.S.

In the Spring of 2012, I was honored to work with newly-formed MUSIC FOR YOUTH Company and render my PR services to YOU GOT RHYTHM, first ever competition for young musicians honoring the music of George Gershwin.  

Russian pianist Daniel KRAMER was brought to the U.S. with a debut performance at the  Competition's Opening Gala at the Ethical Society, Philadelphia, PA on Friday, May 18th. Watch this short but such lively improvisation:


After maestro Kramer gave the recital to the grateful audiences, we took him to the WRTI FM studio (, a public jazz and classical radio station at Temple University, where he continued to amaze as a special guest of the late night jazz program The Bridge, hosted my J. Michael Harrison. Vigorously classically trained turned jazz pianist, Maestro Kramer (who at that point has been without any sleep for well over 24 hours!) gave an interview and played piano LIVE in the studio. Here is an excerpt from his improv session on favorite classical themes: Another very special guest at the Opening Gala and competition was Francesca GERSHWIN, singer and arts entrepreneur, a grand-niece of George and Ira Gershwin.  Francesca joined us at WRTI's The Bridge, for an interview and a singing jam with Kramer!  Here is Francesca and Daniel performing SUMMERTIME, their debut duet:


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