The Power of Passion

Since 2006, many well-established and emerging performing arts organizations in the Philadelphia region have relied upon PR Perfect to handle the “behind the scenes” public relations work to promote their artistic mission. This way the artists can focus on what they do best, spending more time on their creative process, knowing that every detail – from audience outreach to news distribution and arts marketing — is being taken care of in a topnotch way.

An avid amateur singer, artist, photographer, and piano performer, the founder and owner of PR Perfect Inna Lobanova-Heasley was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Since her early childhood, she has been fortunate to be regularly immersed in live performances and back-stage process by some of the leading Russian and International masters of ballet, music, theater, opera, art and cinematography. Adding to these experiences are eight years of intense studies at a full-time Moscow Regional Music School, a life-long passion for choir singing, and her first job as an interpreter for the USSR Theater Union (while still a student at Moscow State Linguistic University formerly named after Maurice Thorez). As a result, Inna became an enthusiastic advocate for and participant in the arts with a natural understanding and appreciation of the creative process.

Inna founded PR Perfect after her own life had been transformed when she got actively involved in helping the choir she joined in 2003 as a volunteer singer (Vox Ama Deus). The early days of learning the ropes of the public relations business followed her nearly 9-year successful career as a paralegal. It combined practical, hands-on experience and intense classroom eduction in such skills as: how to promote a concert, design a winning website, create a catching flyer, negotiate the advertising rates and placement, build lasting and meaningful relationships with the press members, cultural partners and, mainly, with the audience, build a social media campaign, arts marketing, writing for the press, and working with non-profit organizations.

Endorsed and praised by seasoned PR professionals, members of the press, and local arts organizations, PR Perfect is a boutique yet mighty enterprise.  With her main focus on the arts and nonprofit organizations, Inna successfully helps direct and brand her clients’ creative vision, boost their marketing efforts, achieving measurable and steady results in wider public recognition and the expansion of the audiences.

Personal attention, accessibility, a transparent communication environment and undivided attention to the needs of each and every client are top priorities at PR Perfect.  Inna’s true strengths are in her natural ability to match her clients’ mission and publicity needs to the interests and needs of various communities and that of the media outlets that follow those communities. Singers, musicians, dancers and artists who have worked with PR Perfect have greatly benefited and learned from her dedication and professional excellence.

Inna’s biggest inspiration comes from her client’s aspirations and success. Equipped with this powerful drive, creative vision and modern communication tools, PR Perfect is your secret weapon to rock the art of public relations and audience attraction.

PR Perfect stands by these 4 Main Principles of Professionalism as adopted by the Philadelphia PR Association:

  • Deal responsibly and honestly with those we represent, with the media, with other members of our profession, and in all other forms of communication.
  • Adhere to high standards of truth and accuracy in dealing with our clients and with the public.
  • Respect the dignity, diversity, and privacy of people.
  • Foster ethics and integrity in our profession.