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A New Partnership: Composer David Ludwig

Posted on: December 9th, 2013 by Inna Heasley No Comments

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that PR Perfect got hired to represent David Ludwig, one of the most talented, versatile, and up-and-coming composers in the region!


I met David during the audio recording session of his choral music album by Choral Arts Philadelphia last year.  When the recording came out, we plotted for a while how it could be promoted.  Then, in June of 2013, quite by a serendipity, I was asked by LocalArtsLive’s Sharon Torello to do a series of videos with David for a composer profile Sharon was planning that summer.  So, we met in his historical office at The Curtis Institute for an hour and a half, and I got to torture David by making him answer my questions in front of a video camera about all things interesting, like his thoughts on modern classical music, music for movies, his family history and his upcoming bassoon concerto premiere with the Philadelphia Orchestra. And then David invited me to attend the concerto premiere at the Kimmel Center.  The beautiful and dreamy music from David’s “Pictures from the Floating World” is still sounding in my head, and it is my high hope that the Orchestra will find the means to eventually record this piece they commissioned so it can be shared with the world.


In each of my encounters with David, I have been touched by his friendly and unassuming demeanor, his open and accessible nature, and his sincerity.  And how he remains so humble, while great milestones and achievements add up to decorate his CV.  Some of these are things that even seasoned composers often only dream of.


It is for the moments like this that I love my work in public relations. It brings amazing new people into my life, and it takes me to amazing new places that I might never have otherwise visited. There is so much to learn from each and every one of these experiences. I never stop to be grateful for it.


I’m looking forward to bringing you some news about David’s upcoming projects soon.  Stay tuned!





Interview with Eric Whitacre

Posted on: March 24th, 2013 by Inna Heasley 1 Comment

I am thrilled to share with you this audio/video which I was fortunate to record with Eric over the phone, while he was attending the ACDA National Conference in Dallas, TX.  Below I also offer you two links:  my introductory blog post about Eric and his Singers as well as the partial transcript of this interview, both currently posted on LocalArtsLive.com.


Background: Sharon Torello, the founder of LocalArtsLive.com asked me to interview composer/conductor Eric Whitacre to preview his debut U.S. Tour with Eric Whitacre Singers. The tour included a single appearance of the ensemble in Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center on March 20th which drew highly enthusiastic crowds of audiences of all ages, with many college and high school choir groups in attendance.




Ever since 2007, when I heard Eric Whitacre’s music for the first time and subsequently was fortunate to sing some of it with Choral Arts Philadelphia, I was forever drawn to his unique style: the ideal balance – not a conflict – between the humanity and technology. The honest and heavenly, ancient-sounding spectrum of harmonies is happily married to the bold use of contemporary expressive means, which — blended together — work amazingly well to deliver the true meaning of the poetry straight into my heart. And these “delivery means” do not incorporate just singing. Eric often takes singers outside their “vocal box” and makes use of their abilities to whisper, speak, make noise, clap, snap, hit percussion, etc. (a great example is his Cloudburst where, in the second part of the piece, singers are imitating the sounds of thunder and a downpour)… Read the rest of the article here.


Read the partial transcript of my interview with Eric Whitacre.




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