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Top 13 Things That Make You a Good PR client

Have you ever asked yourself a question: “How can I help our PR agency to do a better job for our organization?”  If yes, then Congrats – you just met the #1 requirement to build and maintain the most effective working relationship with your PR agency!
And here are all the 13 things you can do:
The first 10 are listed in this Absolutely-Must-Read-For-All-Companies blog post by Ryan Greives, a vice president of Indianapolis-based BLASTmedia. And I added 3 more things on the bottom of this list, based on my own experience (there could be even more but I like to stop at “13”):
Top 13 things That Make You a Good PR Client:
1. Ask what you can do to build the best client relationship.
2. Have a good product or service.
3. Communicate!

"Now go to the comment box under your picture and type, 'No matter what you've been hearing, I'm really a very nice person.'" THE NEW YORKER, April 18, 2011

4. Provide feedback.

5. Understand and Trust that your PR agent is an expert.
6. Be accessible.
7. Realize that you are not always going to be the feature story.
8. Have an understanding of PR, or at least the basics, like:
  • short leads vs. long leads
  • big media vs. targeted media
  • bad review vs. good review
9. Realize that your PR agent is on YOUR side.
10. Pay your PR agent.
Read the full post to find explanations on each of these 10 points. And here are just a few more things I would add, based on my own experience:
11. Give your PR agency enough time to prepare the campaign. Don’t wait till last minute to start promoting a major event or important development within your company.
12. Go ahead – create your own content.  Don’t sit and wait for the media to come and cover your story. Your event photos, audio recordings, short videos, audience testimonies etc. – all can be used for your public brand  promotions in social and traditional media buzz campaigns, both present and future.
13.  Be a proactive  expert in your field.  Help your PR agency to promote your brand and mission even further by offering to author an article/blog post/interview on a hot topic in your industry; to be a speaker at an industry event; to provide an expert advice as a possible column contribution.

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